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Modern Day Concepts


Building your perfect home

What do you pass by on your way to work? Architecture is everywhere in the everyday life.

Creating architecture

As a rule, architects are heavily dependent on such aspects as space, time, money and other limitations.


We provide large format plan printing & scanning up to A0 in size. We can also print large format photos. Simply call us and email in your photos or plans and we can either post them out to you or you can arrange a time to collect.

Architectural Design Concepts for Planning Lodgement

We prepare a unique design specifically put together for you, based on your brief and personal needs for your new home or office building. Always Designed from scratch to ensure the design of your new project is exclusive to you only.

3D Visualisations

Stunning photo realistic 3D imaging or your new project. We provide exterior images with your planning concept as part of our service. We also provide 3D imaging for clients who have a design prepared elsewhere. Internal images also available upon request.

Architectural Working Drawings for Construction

We provide comprehensively detailed Working drawings for construction as part of our service. We work with our clients to make sure that all their personal needs and requirements are met.

Planning & Building Approvals

We provide these approvals to our clients as part of our full service. Our clients have the peace of mind that there will be minimal interruption to their day as we handle all correspondence with council and certifiers on their behalf.


Residential Building Design for your new home is our specialty.


Renovating an exiting building can be costly depending on what you would like done, sometimes
even more so than demolishing and building new.


We design all our commercial projects to be unique in appearance whilst keeping your budget in mind. 

Don’t settle for standard, get your neighbours talking with a Modern Day Concepts custom design. 

Luxury Living has never been easier.

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Architectural Designed Unique Home in Riverstone Lockleys, Adelaide

This Particular project was carefully designed to suit the personal requirements of the clients for their new home. The unique modern styling and features were put together to enhance the visual impact to both of its frontages and from its internal living areas.

Architectural Masterpiece Design in Golden Grove, Adelaide

Exclusive Building Design for your new home can be daunting without the right designer. A design such as this one is created to have a grand visual impact from the street, with careful thought given to main features which draw your attention on first sight and secondary features that don’t necessarily attract your initial attention but reinforce the main features.

Too many main features can make the façade look to cluttered as it creates difficulty in knowing what to focus on first.

Architectural transformation for office building in Murray Bridge, South Australia

This office building was in need of modernising but unfortunately did not proceed to be constructed. In this instance it required the complete removal of the existing front walls, we were then able to design our new façade around the location of the existing internal walls.

With a good combination of different materials and glass we were able to create something outstanding.

Grand Design Home Renovation in Burnside, Adelaide

Renovating your home or investment property can completely transform your property depending on your budget that you wish to spend. Some old buildings may not look the nicest prior to renovating but have a decent base to work from to allow it to be turned into something stunning, styled to satisfy.

This dwelling had an existing garage separate from the existing main house that were able to link together and transform into a grand 3 storey home.

Multi Office and Warehouse Design in Edinburgh, Adelaide

Looking to have some Office/warehouses designed? Why not have them designed for maximum street appeal to attract great potential tenants or buyers. These designs consist of a large warehouse at the rear of each and a 2-storey office area at the front with an attractive modern frontage.

Modern designed Office frontage with Warehouse in Regency Park, Adelaide

This Commercial office building was exclusively designed to stand out. With a great combination of commercial grade materials & large Glass panels we were able to achieve a uniquely styled facade that will certainly leave a good impression on clients visiting your office.